Lesson 3: Pets with a Difference


Cats drive you crazy? Dogs make you dizzy? Fish are too fragile? Then come to the new Australian Super Pet Store…
Pets with a Difference
Our new pet store has just opened. We’ve got all kinds of different and wonderful animals for you to love. How about a cute kunekune (pronounced “cooney cooney”) pig? These rare and beautiful little animals come from New Zealand. They get their names from the Maori words for fat and round – which is how they look! They are gentle and slow, making them ideal pets.
If you are feeling adventurous, what about a ferret, which is in the same family as minks and skunks. They are fun to watch at play, are trainable and love to travel with you. They can be kept in a wire cage.
If you like koalas, maybe you’d like a sugar glider. These cute, small marsupials come from New Guinea. They eat fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as insects and flowers. As they are social animals, we are selling them in pairs.
For the younger owner, we have African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Small enough to hold in one hand, they are friendly little animals. And as they don’t have fur, they are perfect for people with allergies.
These are just some of the unusual pets we have in stock. All our pets are licensed, and come with complete instructions for care.
So instead of a puppy for Christmas, come and choose a pet with a difference!

Lesson 3: Pets with a Difference

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