Lesson 1: Gatwick Airport


Due to security regulations, do not leave your parked car outside the arrival area. All unattended cars will be towed immediately. Please use the short-term parking lots.
Please wait for arriving flights outside the customs exit.
Allow extra time for the following before reporting to your departure gate:
– A security check of hand luggage
– Applying for a VAT refund for items purchased in Great Britain
– Returning a rented mobile phone
– Purchasing duty-free items

Flight n° – Arriving from – Arrival Time – Comment

KL1027     Amsterdam      19:45             baggage in hall
VS1001     Newark,NY       19:52             landed
JL401        Tokyo              20:05             on time
UA976       Buenos Aires   20:15/23:20   delayed
AA090       Chicago           20:25             on time
TP5147     Lisbon             20:35              on time

Flight n°-Destination-Departure Time-Gate-Comment

LY313      Tel-Aviv         19:50            3         last call
BA6089    Sydney          19:55           18        last call
VS852     Johannesburg 20:05          36        boarding
BA9512    Bombay         20:15/22:00  **        delayed
IB423       Madrid            20:25           **        cancelled
AA5712   Toronto          22:10           27        boarding

Lesson 1: Gatwick Airport

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