Lesson 3: Flight Announcement



Can I have your attention, please? British Skyways Flight BK 30 to Chicago is delayed. There is a snowstorm over Chicago at the moment and no planes are taking off or landing at O’Hare Airport. We are sorry for any problems that this might cause. We will notify you as soon as the situation changes. Thank you.
French Eastern Flight FE 46 to Paris is now boarding. Passengers on Flight FE 46 should proceed to the boarding area immediately. I repeat, flight FE 46 to Paris is now boarding. Will passengers please have their boarding cards ready to show at the gate.
Calling passengers on the Air Italy flight to Milan, AI 456. Will passengers Mr Giorgi, Mr Baldi and Mrs Novelli please go to gate 23. Last call: Messrs Giorgi, Baldi and Novelli, please report to gate 23 immediately.

Lesson 3: Flight Announcement

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