Lesson 3: Love on the Internet


Interviewer: Welcome to Romantic Encounters on WCBN Radio. Our guests today are Emma and Bill Burns, who met on the Internet. Emma, tell us how you two got together.
Emma: Well, I’d been dating for years, but nothing ever happened. Then one day my sister suggested that I might find Mr Right on the Internet. So I started exploring Internet dating agencies.
Interviewer: Bill, tell us your story.
Bill: I’m so grateful to Emma’s sister, because the dating site brought us together. I work in computer security. On my lunch break I regularly surfed dating sites on the Web. When I saw Emma’s description, I immediately felt we might get on.
Interviewer: So what did you two talk about at first?
Emma: I’m a hospital nurse. I would tell Bill about my work on the wards. I tried to keep it light and humorous.
Bill: Naturally, I couldn’t tell Emma about my work. I would talk about my friends, and my dog. We sent each other a lot of pictures and video clips, because we both love photography.
Interviewer: Bill, when you asked Emma to marry you, you two had never actually met.
Bill: That’s right.
Emma: We lived too far apart to go out on a date. Of course, we did talk on the phone. Once Bill decides something…
Interviewer: Bill, I understand you left your job and home in California to marry Emma in Dallas.
Bill: You bet. I would have done anything for Emma.

Lesson 3: Love on the Internet

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