Lesson 2: The Kickboxing Queen

Gemma: Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

Mary: Careful Gemma! If that kick had hit me, it would have knocked my head off! What’s going on? Why this sudden passion for kick-boxing?

Gemma: Well, it’s Bill’s fault, really. I don’t know what’s going on, but over the last few days he’s given me a year’s membership to that posh gym he works at, these gloves, a punchbag, some beautiful trainers, all sorts of things. I don’t know what to think…
there must be a reason behind his generosity, don’t you think? You’re a woman of the world. What do you think, Mary?

Mary: Well, perhaps he thought that if he gave you lots of presents, then you might do something in return.

Gemma: Oh, no, Bill’s too much of a gentleman to try something like that!

Mary: Well, maybe he’s just trying to be friendly. You know, he’s really excited about his new job.

Gemma: Yes. That could be it, but he hasn’t given Charlotte anything… apart from that free soap and shampoo he found at work.

Mary: Yes, that’s right. Well, maybe he’s just trying to be nice.

Gemma: Yes, but why? If he wanted to make a good impression, surely he’d have a reason for it!

Mary: Well, maybe he wants you to do him a really big favour, and he’s just waiting for the right moment to ask!

Gemma: That’s a possibility… but knowing Bill, if he’d wanted a favour, he would have just asked. I do like all this pampering, though. He can be a very thoughtful person.

Mary: Yes?

Gemma: This morning he made me breakfast, and yesterday he gave me a CD to help me with my relaxation exercises. I didn’t realise it before, but he’s very sweet sometimes.

Mary: That’s it! He’s definitely after something. I bet he wants to change bedrooms with you. You know – he’d love that bedroom of yours!

Gemma: Oh, yes! I hadn’t thought of that! Well, if that’s his reason for being nice then he’s in for a big disappointment!

Charlotte: Hi everyone!

Mary: Hi, Charlotte!

Charlotte: So how’s the kickboxing queen? Seriously, Gemma, those gloves are great – don’t tell me, they’re another of Bill’s presents, aren’t they?

Mary: How did you guess? You know, we were just talking about why he’s been giving her all these things.

Charlotte: You mean you don’t know? Isn’t it obvious?

Gemma: No, it isn’t. What do you mean?

Charlotte: If you asked him, he might just tell you. He’s in love with you, dummy!

  •  He’s in love with you, dummy! – è innamorato di te, stupida!’

La parola dummy ha molti significati, fra cui ‘muto, falso; manichino, prestanome’. È anche il ‘ciuccio, succhiotto’ del bebé, mentre in americano è pacifier.

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