The Lost Wallet

Lisa: Hello, is that Eric Roberts?

Eric: Yes.

Lisa: My name’s Lisa Fowler. I’m calling because I found your wallet in the supermarket parking lot yesterday afternoon. Your business card was in it, so I thought I’d call. I know how I’d feel if I’d lost my wallet!

Eric: Thank you so much. I was hoping someone might have found it! I’ve already started to cancel my credit cards.

Lisa: How can I return it to you?

Eric: Why don’t you stop by my office late tomorrow afternoon. Then I can buy you a drink or take you out for dinner. That’s the very least I can do.

Lisa: Tomorrow I can’t, because I’ve got a rehearsal with my students. We’re putting on a school play in two weeks. But I could the day after tomorrow. If that won’t work, you can come by the High School before classes start or after school.

Eric: Let’s go for the day after tomorrow, then. I’m a disaster early in the morning, and am usually pretty busy with my clients in the middle of the afternoon.

Lisa: Fine. Where’s your office?

Eric: Downtown, 25 State Street, Roberts and Nelson Attorneys at Law. The tube’s nearby, so it’s really convenient. Give me a call in case you can’t make it. You’ve got my number. In fact, if you give me a ring when you get there, I’ll come down and meet you. You’ll recognise me because I’m medium height, I’ve got wavy black hair and brown eyes. And I wear unusual ties.

Lisa: Ok. See you Thursday around 5.30 PM?

Eric: Can we make that 6.00 PM? I’ve got a big case going, and will need a little extra time.

Lisa: 6.00 PM is fine. I’ll just stay at school and get lessons ready or go to the public library until it’s time to go.

Eric: Great. And thanks again for calling. It’s such a relief to know my wallet’s been found! Until Thursday, then.

Lisa: OK, bye.

The Lost Wallet