Lesson 7: Do you remember?

A volte è bello ricordare le esperienze del proprio passato. Proviamo insieme.


Sam: ‘Do you remember your first day at school?’

Mike: ‘Yes. My teacher’s name was Miss Short. She was actually very tall! In my class there were 30 children. The first day she gave us a reading book. I remember it was red. It was about two children: Janet and John. I liked school, but I was happy at 4 o’clock when it finished!’

Sam: ‘Do you remember your first holiday?’

Mike: ‘The first holiday I remember is when we went to the sea near Brighton. I was probably 4 years old. We stayed in a small hotel near the beach. I remember we had eggs and bacon every day for breakfast! We went swimming every day. I remember the water was very cold.’

Sam: ‘Do you remember your first girlfriend?’

Mike: ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! I was fourteen. Her name was Angela Jones and she was in my class at school. She was very pretty. We were in love! Then it finished. She fell in love with another boy. I don’t know where she is now.’

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