Lesson 1: Che weekend disastroso!

Gemma: Eeeek!

Charlotte: What? What’s the matter?

Gemma: Charlotte? Is that you?

Charlotte: Of course it’s me, silly!

Gemma: Phew! You gave me a terrible shock, Charlotte! But why do you look… like that?

Charlotte: Why do you think? It’s my beauty treatment, of course!

Gemma: Beauty??

Charlotte: Yes… hair, fingers, toes, face. It’s all about looking good, Gemma. So how was your weekend in Brighton?

Gemma: Not so good, actually. I wanted a romantic weekend with Marco. He came by Eurostar – you know, through the tunnel – just to see me. I met him at Waterloo, and we went down to Brighton together. It started well, but then, well it started raining and it continued until he went home again.

Charlotte: Oh, you poor thing!

Gemma: Yes, I imagined lovely walks along the beach, arm in arm in the moonlight, but we just stayed in our room at the Bed and Breakfast…

Charlotte: Oooh!

Gemma: …and he watched the sports channel on TV. Then we finally went out shopping, and he bought me some earrings

Charlotte: Oh that’s nice, huh?

Gemma: No, look!

Charlotte: Oh, dear! Come on, Gemma, I’m sure next will be much better…

  • Ci sono diverse espressioni legate alla pioggia, rain.

Rain, rain go away,

come again another day.

pioggia, pioggia va via, torna un altro giorno.

It’s raining cats, it’s raining dogs    Piove gatti, piove cani

It’s pouring from the skies              Piove a dirotto

It’s fun for fish                                 E’ divertente per i pesci

It’s fun for frogs                              E’ divertente per le rane

But oh poor butterflies                    Ma povere farfalle!


  • Oh you poor thing! ‘poverina’!

L’avverbio poorly significa ‘malamente’: she’s poorly dressed, ‘è vestita male’, a poorly lit road, ‘una strada mal illuminata’.

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