Lesson 2: Bill, un campione in erba

Bill: Hello! Anyone home? Charlotte? Gemma? Oh, there you are!

Gemma/ Charlotte: Hi Bill!

Bill: What’s that?

Gemma Charlotte: What’s what?

Bill: That stuff on your face!

Gemma: Stuff? Typical man, eh, Charlotte? It’s not ‘stuff’, Bill, it’s to help us to stay beautiful. Of course you don’t understand.

Gemma: Er, Bill…

Bill: Yes?

Charlotte: Why are you dressed like that?

Bill: Oh, this! Well, I spent all day at the sports centreplayed a round of golf, some tennis, a bit of soccer in the morning, and I went canoeing in the afternoon, then I played cricket for the first time. A crazy game! I still don’t know all the rules!

Charlotte: Yes, I think you have to be a bit strange yourself before you can understand them!

Bill: Still, I’m determined to become a good player! Never say never. I learned a couple of good shots from my friends. They taught me one called a “drive”. Watch this, I’ll show you! Bring the bat back, and then… pow! Whoops!

Charlotte: Is it safe yet? Great shot, Bill.

Bill: Sorry, Charlotte, I… er… lost control. I’m a bit too enthusiastic sometimes. I’ll clear up.

Gemma: No, don’t bother Bill, I’ll do it! Well, we certainly saw what a good cricketer you are! What’s next? Maybe something nice and safe, like American football!

Bill: It’s the first time. Come on…

  • Great shot! Bel colpo!

 Good shot! Ottimo tiro!

Ecco alcune espressioni idiomatiche con la parola ‘shot’:

to have a shot at something  sparare contro qualcosa (anche in senso figurato)

a shot at someone      una frecciata contro qualcuno (fig.)

a big shot                   un pezzo grosso

to put the shot           lanciare il peso (in atletica)

a long shot                 ultima risorsa, tentativo in extremis

have a shot at it!        provaci!, tenta!

a shot in the dark      una scommessa azzardata (uno sparo nel buio)

to take a shot             fare una foto

a shot of whisky        un sorso di whisky

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