Lesson 1: Film Reviews


Pray for Me (USA, 2001)
Imagine Woody Allen in a bad mood: in Joseph Frank’s new film, he prays for good health, he prays he will find love and his mother will find love. Young actress Kim Freer plays his daughter. She is a typical teenager, just discovering boys. And she gives her father more problems to worry about and praying isn’t going to help.

When the Cows Come Home (Ireland, 2000)
This Irish film is set on a farm. The farmer, played by Sean O’Ladd, is not a happy man. His cows start to become sick. The authorities order them all to be killed to stop the spread of the disease. But the cows are all he has. He fights to keep them alive, and wins. Based on a true story.

Free (Canada and Mexico, 2001)
Walter is trying to escape from prison. His plan fails when two other prisoners tell the guards. They catch Walter and now he’s in a worse position than before.
But he tries again, this time taking the two other prisoners. They escape – but now they have to get across the desert!

Lesson 1: Film Reviews

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