Lesson 2: Kwik Fix Camera


Some decades ago cameras were big and not easy to use.
Your Kwik Fix disposable camera is designed for convenience. It is made to be easy to use and light to carry. Kwik Fix cameras are used by millions each year. They are sold in three bright colours. You are given a choice of 12, 24 or 36 photos. The instructions are written clearly and simply. Learning how to use your Kwik Fix will be fun and stress free.
Instructions for use:
1) Tear the plastic wrapper in the corner marked with the blue arrow.
2) Hold the camera with the viewfinder facing towards you. Turn the blue button to ‘ON’.
3) Find the programme dial on the top left hand side of the viewfinder. Turn the dial to a suitable setting for today’s weather.
4) Note the blue lever that is located to the right of the viewfinder. Push this lever from left to right until it stops. Now you are ready to take your first Kwik Fix photo.
5) Put your finger on the red button to the right of the viewfinder. Hold the viewfinder to your eye. Make sure that the subject of your photograph is completely within the frame. Click the red button once.
6) Now wind the blue lever on once again until it stops. You are ready to take your next photo.
7) Make sure the camera is turned ‘OFF’ when you are not using it.
When all your Kwik Fix photos are finished, take the camera to the nearest camera shop to have them developed. You will be able to buy a new Kwik Fix disposable camera there too.
Happy snapping!

Lesson 2: Kwik Fix Camera

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