Lesson 1

Beacon Industries Ltd
341 Glendale Place
London, UK

Mr John Ellison-Smith
Managing Director
PGK Sales Ltd
46 Quandary Road
London, UK

11th August 2004

Dear Mr Ellison-Smith,
This letter is in response to your request for a letter of recommendation for Ms Gill Sanderson.
Gill worked as my assistant in the International Sales Department at Beacon Industries for a period of four years. She started as an intern, then became a Sales Assistant and finally a Sales Manager a year ago, managing a team of five international sales staff. Her hard work and enthusiasm earned her fast promotions.
She understands the culture of the Latin American market very well because she is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese. She has strong interpersonal skills and is a very good communicator. She is available and willing to travel abroad as necessary.
Gill is a creative person who can find innovative solutions for problems. She is always ready to work overtime to meet deadlines and complete projects to perfection. She is a very good leader and created an excellent and dedicated team in our Sales Department.
I would strongly recommend her for a senior sales or management position for your Latin American market. If you would like further elaboration, please contact me at 555 6876.

Yours Sincerely,
Robert Morley
Director of Marketing and Sales
Beacon Industries Ltd.

Lesson 1

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