Lesson 1: Our Home


Sent: Wed 20/02  7.05 PM
From: nickyt@go-net.com
To: lindatrantor@go-net.com
Subject: Our Dream Flat!
Dear Mum,
At last we have the flat of our dreams! It’s small, comfortable and beautiful. The building is old, but it still looks nice. The best part is, the flat is in town. It’s so close to work!
The front door of the flat opens onto the living room. It’s sunny, and there is room for the table, the bookcase and the sofa. There’s a door going to the balcony. My plants are there. The kitchen is to the left of the living room. It isn’t very big, but it’s quite comfortable. We want to put a round table in it. To the right of the living room there’s a corridor. It goes to the bathroom and the two bedrooms.
We start painting the flat tomorrow. It’s going to look great with the pictures and curtains!
Come and visit us soon, Mum!
Lots of love,

Lesson 1: Our Home

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