Lesson 2: Two Foreign Students


 Hi, is this seat free?
Michelle: Sure!
Kanako: Hello. My name is Kanako. I’m from Japan.
Michelle: Hi, I’m Michelle. I come from France.
Kanako: Oh, where do you live? Do you live in Paris?
Michelle: No, I live in Cassis. It’s a small town.
Kanako: My family lives in Tokyo. It’s a big town. It’s noisy, but I like it.
Michelle: I don’t like small towns. I want to live in Paris. I love the parks and cafés.
Kanako: I love cafés, too. But I drink tea! Do you like tea or coffee?
Michelle: I like coffee. By the way, I know a nice café here in Bath. What about a coffee, Sorry, a tea after class?
Kanako: Good idea!

Lesson 2: Two Foreign Students

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