Lesson 1 – Tutti in scena: presentiamoci!

Greg: Okay. Are you ready? I want to hear your voices. Speak slowly and clearly. Mr. Jones, you first.

Andrew: Me?

Greg: Yes, yes, you. Come on! Come out!

Andrew: Ah, okay. Hello, my name’s Andrew…

Greg: Speak up, please.What’s your name again?

Andrew: My name’s Andrew. I’m from Brighton, in England, but now I live in London. I’m twenty-eight years old. I love travelling and writing. I write poetry, and I like acting, of course.

Greg: Thank, Andrew. Next… Charlotte!

Charlotte: Good morning, Mr. Martin. My name’s Charlotte. I’m twenty-seven years old and I work in a classical music radio station.  I adore horses and I love classical music and I like sports.

Greg: That’s very interesting, Charlotte. Thank you. Who’s next! William!

Bill: Hi. My name’s William but my friends call me Bill. I’m twenty-seven and I’m from Florence, in Italy, but now I live in London and I love it. I like sports, especially surfing. Hey, do you like surfing?

Greg: Thank you very much, Bill. Next, please.

Gemma: Hi, my name is Gemma. I’m from Berkeley, in California. I want to be an actress. I love music and I love the cinema, too. And… oh… I love dancing.

Greg: Very good, Gemma. How old are you?

Gemma: Twenty-two.

Greg: Okay, thanks.

Lesson 1 – Tutti in scena: presentiamoci!

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